Monte Shelton  


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Light and Dark

In my art I strive to understand the opposing forces of light and dark. The kind of tension that holds an image on canvas and allows it to come to life. This tension is symbolic of the tension that exist in physical matter. We are all held together by this tension.

My drawing and painting represents paradox in light and shadow, fire and water, cold and hot, life and death. I am concerned with energies that illuminate and emanate in the natural world. My imagery is a fusion of observation and imagination.

Energy Pools

The paintings I describe as "energy pools" are about color representing light, and light representing energy. These paintings are imaginary representations of internal landscapes.

Reflecting Pools, Logs in Water, and Forest Park

These paintings combine the concept of an "energy pool" with memories and experiences in natural environments. The light in the paintings represents energy that emanates out from the center of the canvas. Light and energy are the ground in my painting. They permeate the physical layers built upon that foundation, reflecting the layers of meaning within and representing landscape as metaphor.